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A multi-day event with 750+ brand and agency attendees, Brandweek was an opportunity for NPM / NPR to promote the power of audio branding directly to advertising industry decision makers. NPM’s onsite experience included an NPR-branded lounge with break-out session programming, main stage speaking presentation, and custom sales materials. The activation resulted in new sales opportunities with Coca-Cola, Dell, Bank of America, Hilton, and Target.

Created in partnership with design firm Sunday Afternoon, the cross-platform campaign called “Join the Conversation” showcased NPR’s range of programming, diverse viewpoints, and the intriguing conversations NPR inspires. Across digital and print platforms, the campaign delivered 500k+ impressions. Elements included: 

  • “Join the Conversation” Lounge at BrandWeek
  • NPR "Join the Conversation" card game inspired by “Cards against Humanity”

  • Digital ads on and full page ad in AdWeek magazine

Brandweek: Projects
Brandweek: Pro Gallery
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