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In 2013, I oversaw the creation of the first comprehensive website for National Public Media. For six years, the site served as an online destination for public media sponsorship opportunities, thought leadership on audio branding, and information for active NPM sponsors. From its 2014 launch until 2019, the NPM website became the primary inbound lead source, more than 1,000 annually; had 70% YOY increase in web traffic; and had 35% YOY increase in session duration. By 2019, however, the site’s infrastructure was outdated and did not offer adequate flexibility to support NPM’s growing suite of services. I launched a year-long, cross-departmental initiative to redesign the website. As project executive, I:

  • Conducted comprehensive analysis of existing site and needs analysis with internal and external stakeholders

  • Advocated for and secured six-figure project budget

  • Built cross-departmental website task force to ensure new site met current and future needs of Sales, Ad Operations, Finance, and Marketing departments

  • Provided leadership for Project Manager, assuring adequate resources and support

  • Developed RFP process for identifying web design partner

  • Led task force meetings and actively engaged all members

  • Led regular presentations to senior leadership to secure buy-in on new site design, messaging strategy, and architecture

  • Provided senior copywriting overview and creative approval

NPM Website: Projects

NPM Website

Central to the new NPM website was a refined, simplified navigation that highlighted public media's distinct audience, sponsorship products, and cross-platform offerings. The new site distinguishes public media sponsorship from competitors and helps users easily find the information and ways to reach out.

NPM Website: Video

Product section

NPM's website needed to offer clients the chance to see the range of sponsorship products available and case studies of how clients have leveraged these products for their brands. The new product section featured interactive design, sorting functions, and multi-media features.

NPM Website: Video
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